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A well known Danish restaurant in a Danish town with rich traditions for good Danish cooking with a little of exclusive courses, served in an authentic Danish environment.

The building has existed since 1885.


As our name indicates, the restaurant has a close connection to the theatre world. We are situated next to Århus Theatre. Both the theatre-goers and its actors, instructors, writers, musicians, technicians etc. have through generations been guests at ”Teater Bodega”, supplemented by for example businessmen, journalists and other good people from the beautiful city of Århus and its surroundings.

On top of this, we are pleased to have a substantial number of international customers returning to visit us again and again. The things we have already mentioned, plus something intangible, that has to be experienced, make up the idea and and creates the attractive atmosphere, you find at Teater Bodega.


Also the premises and their decoration help create the special relaxed atmosphere, that characterises ”Teater Bodega”.

The main restaurant room is arranged in smaller segments, that allows undisturbed conversations at the separate tables, but at the same time does not exclude the feeling of being together with other people.

On top of this we have two rooms, where parties can sit undisturbed, if they want to. One room is for at least 8 persons and maximum 12 persons. The other room is for at least 16 persons and maximum 22 persons.


The pictures on the walls of the restaurant are very important. They fi ll the walls almost completely and make the restaurant into a piece of theatre history, collected over a span of many years.

There are signed photographs of some of the greatest names of Danish theatre through the ages, pictures of famous scenes, posters etc. The collection is well worth a closer study.

Teaterbodega has to be experienced as the adventure it really is.


We can make expensive dishes and do so with pleasure, and therefore our evening menu shows a scattering of exquisite dishes. But a menu without old-time danish hits as ”Skipper’s Hotpot”, ”Biksemad” (diced pork with panfried egg and potatoes) and pan-fried rashers of unsmoked streaky bacon with parsley sauce would at our place be close to treason..

A herring selection, that is savoured by as well knowledgeable danes as well as foreign newcomers to this Nordic specialty. It is neither enormous nor especially ingenious, but fresh, simple and very danish.

Luxury danish open-faced sandwiches for lunch.. Well-nurtured cheeses served exactly as they deserve, are other culinary hits from our kitchen.

We could carry on, but we will just emphasize, that fresh produce of the highest quality and an exacting attitude of our chefs is the foundation on which our menus are built, and the only changes over the year is caused by our usage of the freshest seasonal vegetables and fruits.

Therefore you may experience a small wait for your food, because it is prepared from scratch, once you have ordered it.

Evenings we recommend that you order a starter to enjoy, while our kitchen is preparing the main dish with all the attention it rightly deserves.

We give the same scrupulous attention to the drinks we serve with a well-nurtured Danish draught beer and a wide selection of ”snapses” as standard issues, supplemented by a varied wine menu. Last, not least we want to recommend our special coffee made the very oldfashioned way and served in antique coffee pots